Kryžkelė tarp rytų ir vakarų

between East and West

Naujieji baltijos šalių vartai

New Baltic 
Air Cargo Gate

vartai į pasaulį

to the World

Antžeminio aptarnavimo  paslaugos

Ground Handling 


Operation hours 24/7


No noise restrictions

Air cargo which needs certain state of temperature could be handled at the Airport. We offer cold storage / refrigerators (+7 °C; -18 ÷ -24 °C)

The Aerodrome is situated in the middle of all types of transport nods. 

Approved for NATO operations

All types of aircraft accepted.  (Main RWY 45x3500 m, CAT 4E)
We supply Jet A-1 fuel, which are produced to a standardized international specification.
Veiklą pradėjo orlaivių remonto angaras Šiauliuose

The ownership of the land in the aerodrome area as well as possibility of combined transportation solutions provides the unique opportunity to carry out strategic development projects in Šiauliai airport.

In order to develop more efficiently the Northern Lithuania region and to maximize its benefits, land plots belonging to SOU were leased. In October of 2017, JSC Termicom became the first lessee of two land plots in Šiauliai airport. According to the investment agreement between Šiauliai Municipality and Termicom, MRO will be established in 2021.

The next round of a long-term lease land auctions is coming soon. If You are interested, please contact us.

3,500 x 45 m
The longest runway in the Baltic states
500 m2 +7C
Cold storage area with the controlled temperature
130 m3 -18/-24C
Refrigerators' with the controlled temperature
About us

Siauliai International Airport is situated in the Northeast Europe, North of Lithuania, 7 km from Siauliai city, the fourth largest city of Lithuania with well-developed industry, trade and transport. The city boasts a convenient geographical location since the important EU highways Via Baltica and Via Hanseatica, linking Berlin, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and other major cities, intersect nearby the city.

Siauliai International Airport is the only airport in the Eastern part of the European Union to apply no restrictions on noise in the daytime and at night. The largest in the Baltic’s runway along with the state-of-the-art equipment allow servicing even the heaviest aircraft 24 hours a day year-round under the most complicated meteorological conditions.