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Today: Oct 21, 2018
Airport / News / November 2012

November 2012

The 6th Logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition took place on 15-17 November, 2012, having attracted more than 12,600 participants from 53 countries. The exhibition was attended by representatives of the transportation and logistics sectors - logistics operators, intermodal/combined transporters, road transportation companies, airlines, airport operators, forwarders and others - to strengthen ties, broaden their horizons, obtain new customers and develop promising business partnerships.

A total of 194 companies from 16 countries presented their products and services. Exhibitors also came for the first time from India, Jordan, New Zealand, Sweden and Slovenia. The top 5 exhibitor countries were Turkey, Germany, Italy, Austria and Latvia.

The key topics were the logistical networking of the Turkish market with Europe and the change in the transport industry in Turkey.

In order to strengthen the existing ties with the Turkish airlines, and establish new relationships with potential business partners, the exhibition was attended by the representatives of Municipal Company Siauliu oro uostas, who met with representatives of Turkish cargo airlines, such as ACT Airlines Inc., ULS Airlines Cargo, Turkish Airlines, as well as Airmark Airline Marketing&Services, and discussed cooperation issues. It is expected that the participation in the exhibition and tête-tête meetings will provide tangible benefits for the development of Siauliai airport activity, and expansion of the export and import volumes in the Siauliai region.

Siauliai airport has started its cooperationwith Turkey in the field of cargo transportationon May, 2012, when industrial goodsstartedto be transportedfrom Istanbulto Siauliai airport to be distributed byland transportto different directions.


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