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Today: Jul 22, 2018
Airport / News / July 2016

July 2016

Cooperation with the US Company “Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings”

In order to increase the cargo flow of goods through International Siauliai Military Airport municipal company Siauliu Oro Uostas attracts new air carriers. One of the examples is the US air cargo company “Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings”,  which services 297 air cargo flight routes in 103 countries on six continents.

We are pleased that the mentioned US company more frequently sends cargo aircraft to International Siauliai Military Airport  exploiting the possibilities of the Airport for exports and imports  of common goods, live animals, heavy, perishable goods.

Municipal company Siauliu Oro Uostas confidently pursues the aim – to form a long-term cargo service platform at International Siauliai Military Airport in cooperation with the partners of the project "New Baltic Air Cargo Gate".

Atlas Air website


Sunday, 22 July 2018

Aviation Weather Forecast

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EYSA 221550Z 32006KT 280V360 9999 VCSH FEW066CB 28/15 Q1010 BLU NOSIG =
TAF EYSA 221402Z 2215/2224 VRB05KT 9000 SCT045 TEMPO 2215/2218 34015KT -TSRA SCT030CB TEMPO 2218/2221 SCT030CB =
SR / SS: 02:20 / 18:48 UTC (EYSA 2018-07-22)


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